We all have a favourite flower, some have many and can't choose. I have been picking and pressing mine since I was a little girl, and they still fall out of an old book, or I'll find a matchbox full of tiny shells long forgotten.

If you would like me to press something special to you, or you want to turn a precious bouquet into a focal point to remember forever, or maybe you have an idea for a set, a group or a statement piece, please be in touch to discuss it.

Together we can look at arrangement, placement, personal words and the infinite options there are for framing, from a simple Oak box to ornately moulded, lacquered and traditionally gilded.

Our workshop can handle a tiny treasured Scallop or a giant Sea Thong reaching out 2 meters. The dovetail connection between my artworks and our framing workshop makes everything possible.

I look forward to hearing from you

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