Upcoming Shows
7th - 22nd September 2024
Artwave Festival at Kings Framers

My first show of my work in 2019 for Artwave Festival was at our family-run high street location Kings Framers in Lewes, East Sussex. I was terrified before the show, we've had many shows previously, most proudly Bridget Riley. My work had always been a private love and I was amazed at the reaction to my pressings.
There was a wonderful personal embracing of the plants that I was presenting in my simple open format. The details I included appealed to a sense of place and a love of nature. I was so happy to see them leave in sets, pairs and singles to new homes all over the world.
I have since been approached to show my works in other venues. Most recently in the beautifully appointed Inglis Hall showroom, An Actual Kitchen at 29 High Street in Lewes, East Sussex.


All photo credit to Inglis Hall.

You can also find my works in the precious homeware and gift shop Fern Store in Alfriston in East Sussex.

All photo credit to Fern Store.

If you are interested in exhibiting my work, please don't hesitate to contact me on petasophieking@gmail.com