R.S: 'I have known Peta and Kings Framers since I was first tempted into their shop in Lewes in 2007. After initially commissioning one or two limited edition framed prints, my personal circumstances suddenly changed and I found myself in urgent need of some help in furnishing my house, a 16th century Tudor cottage, starting almost entirely from scratch. Having always enjoyed my visits to Kings Framers and having noticed Peta also had a interior design consultancy, I asked if she could help me. Peta came and visited my house and it’s setting and shortly after produced a beautiful guide book as to how I might proceed. This proposal made suggestions of furniture pieces, colour schemes, fabric choices, framed mirrors and limited edition prints I might use. On commissioning, Peta assisted in locating furniture items, rugs and furnishings from around Lewes and Steve proceeded to frame those prints and mirrors I had chosen. Additionally, Steve refurbished and repainted several second hand furniture items that I had, with Peta’s help, located. A few weeks later, a van loaded with all these items arrived with Peta and Steve. With their help, my house was furnished, pictures and mirrors hung and a home with my personal mark created. I’m still surrounded by many of those pieces and prints to this day and continue to enjoy their company. In the years since, I have continued to collect limited edition framed prints and other items from Kings Framers, visit regularly to buy presents for family members and have also used their framing service for some of my Dad’s original art work. Sadly, in early 2020 and just before the first lockdown, I lost my Dad and, among many other families, we were not able to hold a proper memorial service for him because of the Covid restrictions. Happily, in late 2022, my family and I decided to hold a memorial exhibition of my Dad’s paintings and again I turned to Peta and Kings Framers to select and frame the exhibition pieces. Peta, Steve and Kings Framers have always been highly professional, helpful, friendly, sensitive to my needs and very efficient. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them.'


J.B: 'I wanted to purchase some art to add to my existing collection following a home refurbishment. Having been a shop customer of Kings Framers over the years, I was aware of their consultancy services and decided to invite them to help me.

Peta quickly understood my taste in art and after initial discussions about what I wanted to achieve, we arranged a home visit. 
Peta and Stephen duly arrived and brought with them about 30 pictures which all came into the house for my perusal. It was like having a personal shopping experience. Some pictures I liked and some I didn’t like. There were works by well known artists and less well known artists, several who were new names to me. The price of the pieces also ranged from inexpensive to more expensive.  There was no pressure to buy. Over a couple of years, and a few visits, I made my purchases and they advised on placement and they hung the pictures for me. I also had some existing pictures framed and reframed.
Now I have a collection of pictures that reflects the look I wanted to achieve. They reflect my personality. Plus, the new pictures blend beautifully with my existing pictures, so the look is really coordinated. The art work is always a talking point when visitors come, and often, they spend time looking at the pictures in more detail and telling me which ones are their favourites.'